Helping Out Others

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We have it EASY, many families don’t and they still make it happen!

In 2009 I was lucky to meet a man named Dorron Hunter at a Morehead State University Alumni Board Meeting.  Dorron was there representing the St. John’s Young Men’s Program in Over The Rhine.  It was meant to be, because I had come to the conclusion a few weeks prior that I wanted to start giving back to kids who were not as fortunate as I was growing up.  I spoke with Dorron about his program and he invited me to one of his groups that meets Thursdays 4p-6p at the Over The Rhine Community Center.   I went down that Thursday and I’ve have been going ever since.

Dorron is one of the most dynamic people I have ever met.  He gives his life to make sure others don’t go without.  He is there everyday for these kids and their families and for many of them he is the only father-figure they will ever know.  Ever since then we have partnered to send kids from the Over The Rhine on College trips.  

In 2009 we also started a Thanksgiving Meal drive.  2016 was our 7th year and aprox 200 families donated $10,500 which allowed us to buy 265 Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinners for families in need.  We worked with 3 organizations to get these to the families in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.  

We could use as much help as you can give.  I’m looking for donations.   If you would like to help, please contact Matt Plapp at 859-743-2408 or  We start planning for this every October